Third-Party Logistics Companies Cut Shipping Costs for Small Businesses

An article featured at the Inbound Logistics website, discusses the opportunities for small businesses when they utilize third-party logistics companies for shipping. According to the article, “Shipping is the second-largest cost many small businesses incur, after labor.” In fact, the article points out that outsourcing shipping to a third-party logistics provider can even decrease your internal labor costs. If you are interested in learning more about how your small business can save money by partnering with Specialized Logistics, definitely start by reading this article in Inbound Logistics and then contact us at

What if Amazon sent you a free gift?

If you received a free gift delivered to your home from online retail giant Amazon, would it entice you to shop with the website more? That’s exactly what Amazon is hoping! And, they are hoping by predicting customer’s shopping habits, they can cut costs on shipping. Of course, they are hoping you will really order the item and pay for it. But, you might just be in for a free surprise if you shop with Amazon in the near future. USA Today has the full story; click here to read it, “Amazon says it can ship orders before customers order.”

Freight Transportation Services Index Reaches All-Time Highest Level

According to a new U.S. Department of Transportation report, the Freight Transportation Services Index reached its all-time highest level in November 2013. The article states that a total increase of 1.2% was seen from October to November in the amount of freight carried by the transportation industry. The rate reached an all-time highest level of 116.5, which beat the previous high level of 115.4 in September 2013: has the full story on their website.